Thursday, August 28, 2008

Namgang Expedition - 29 August 2008

Awesome trip down Nam River in Jinju, South Korea...what better to do at 4:30am than to glide gracefully down this beautiful river as Korea awakens with a stunning sunrise to greet a new a plastic toyboat...
A day filled with laughter and forgetting...bidding a dear friend farewell as her journey continues in her homeland ~ leaving future adventures behind and facing new ones.
Tamara - it's been SOOOOO awesome getting to know you!!!! God bless you warrior princess. You are absolutely one in a million...well...1 in 999,999...(it has to include crazy moi!)
Here are a few pics to commemorate the morning of August, 29.
As two 외국의's ("we-gugi's" = foreigners) make their way down Namriver in the wee hours of a lovely Friday morning (^o^) they are greeted with contradictory "anyeong's" and some killer stares from some of the more 'sour prudent' 아주마's (old ladies)...yip...crazy foreigners...gotta love them!

That's it Tamara!!!
All geared up and ready to launch!!!
Staring into time and space...where does this journey lead to...Namgang Tree.
Jinju-seong (Fortress)

Some keen skaters ...all in a row ^^,


Some funky Koreans greeted us as we passed this!!! "Fighting!!!"(saying that means 'go for it' / 'keep going' or just about any motivational slogan you need at the moment!) They also sent us hearts across the waters!!!

Taxi - Home please, 아조씨!!!

After...awesome morning!


NAM koong hyun said...

my name is heath houghton.

i'm also an ESL teacher here in jinju.
i arrived in july, and am working in a very small hagwon. in fact i'm the only foreign teacher.

You're photos of rafting in the river are EXCELLENT.

i have thought that would be brilliant.

I enjoyed reading your blog.


miakara said...

Hey fellow foreigner!

Our working circumstances are very similar - being the only foreign teacher at a small Hagwon. I teach in the Pyeongeodong area at Sesame House.
We should meet up - you can take the boat and keep up the tradition once the water level increases!!!

Anywho, take care and hope to hear from you.