Monday, September 29, 2008

Masquerade de Andong

"One of the last living vestiges of old Korea" ~ Korea Travel Guide

Yip - quite a good summary of this charming town which was host to Queen Elizabeth's 73rd birthday during her visit in April, 1999. And a good site out of the way of everything else! But, this isolated spot explodes once a year showing a different face to each visitor during the Mask Festival.

Among crowds of masked dancers one is blended in colors and music that paint a smile of excitement on the scene. So much to little's truly a feast for the eyes. But, let the eyes not be so isolated in their enthusiasm and be joined by the sense of touch as you can soak up the festival with making crafts and participating in some of the events and photo opportunities.

The town itself boasts with numerous festival sites and stages where one could see lovely performances - or even be ze performancee'...yip...random actors and actresses dazzle visitors with their self-proclaimed, often quite entertaining shows and interesting talents. Some you may wish to appreciate, while others allow you to glance by and join another stage.

At Hahoe Folk Village we managed to be swept away along a flamed waterfall crossing the river in sizzling sparks and drops of gold to reach the cliff yonder from which fire balls were launched into the river down below...this traditional fireworks festival, Seonyujulbulnori (선유불노리), was absolutely spectacular! "At Buyong cliff overlooking the Nakdong river a spectacular fire show is performed with blazing pine needle gently falling down to the river in a rain of fire. On the beach, poets recite while boats play behind him amidst the fires burning nearby. The effects of fire and water here are extremely memorable."

But alas, let me stop blabbering and let the photos do the talking!

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Namgang Expedition - 29 August 2008

Awesome trip down Nam River in Jinju, South Korea...what better to do at 4:30am than to glide gracefully down this beautiful river as Korea awakens with a stunning sunrise to greet a new a plastic toyboat...
A day filled with laughter and forgetting...bidding a dear friend farewell as her journey continues in her homeland ~ leaving future adventures behind and facing new ones.
Tamara - it's been SOOOOO awesome getting to know you!!!! God bless you warrior princess. You are absolutely one in a million...well...1 in 999,999...(it has to include crazy moi!)
Here are a few pics to commemorate the morning of August, 29.
As two 외국의's ("we-gugi's" = foreigners) make their way down Namriver in the wee hours of a lovely Friday morning (^o^) they are greeted with contradictory "anyeong's" and some killer stares from some of the more 'sour prudent' 아주마's (old ladies)...yip...crazy foreigners...gotta love them!

That's it Tamara!!!
All geared up and ready to launch!!!
Staring into time and space...where does this journey lead to...Namgang Tree.
Jinju-seong (Fortress)

Some keen skaters ...all in a row ^^,


Some funky Koreans greeted us as we passed this!!! "Fighting!!!"(saying that means 'go for it' / 'keep going' or just about any motivational slogan you need at the moment!) They also sent us hearts across the waters!!!

Taxi - Home please, 아조씨!!!

After...awesome morning!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

caPtivating Pohang August 2008

Trip A.1
Check out this video clip of the fish martket

From possibly the biggest fish market in South Korea in Pohang to the magical lighthouse on the 'Tiger's tail' this beautiful east coast town has much to offer in sights, smells and scenic detours (^o^)

Trip A.2 with a Bibi & a Tam

From 15-16 August, Tamara, Bibi and I investigated the lighthouse at Homigot (literally the tiger's tip of its tail - the bit sticking out to the right of South Korea). Here's a few things we got up to captured on film (well...the digital kind in any case!)...

Trip B - the worx

On the 2nd of August we returned for an international fireworks festival during which we were entertained for about an hour non-stop with teams from China, South Korea and Spain - of course there was a grand finale at the end with an explosive combination of all three

Thanks to the awesomest people we got to see the awesomest places and experience the most awesomest things!!!!!!!!!!! Got to go home with a bang :)